Eqq pencil manufacturing process
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During the MiddleAges, People had written by lead or silver stick, it says carvingrather than writing of this keeping words way. The first piece slicker-solderpencil lead was made out by Italian in the 15th century. In 1658British found the Graphite ore, even Graphite ore was costly but it was alsooccurred a writing tools revolution. The Austrians Joseph Hartmut invented the pencil, Joseph Hartmutwas born in 20th Feb 1752, his father was a carpenter, Hartmutstudied mason skills in Vienna and became an architect has established a bricksplant. At that time the writing pencil lead had inferior quality, he wanted agood one and got a idea to make the clay and graphite powder mixed together,worked out a shaped lead then baking in the fire, it turned out a good writingon the paper. He studied and worked the clay and graphite powder hadappropriate proportion made the pencil lead with suitable hardness. In 1792, heset up his pencil factory and this old year pencil factory still manufacturepencil till now.