Eraser Manufacturing Operation
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Step 1   Processing plant send the powder or liquid synthetic rubber to eraser manufacturer. If it needs natural rubber, they will send solid big block, and worker have to smash and dissolve it firstly.

Step 2   Mixing up the rubber, grind powdered pumice (it makes eraser bit harder), iron oxide (it makes eraser turn into pink color), plant oil, sulfur and other substances.

Step 3   Heating above mixtures and cause the sulfur and rubber into together to increase eraser intension and makes it much more durable.

Step 4   Feeding soft & warm material in punch machine (extrusion into a stamp die), work out long and thin eraser stick, and cut the long eraser stick into small pieces, after the small pieces eraser cooling, then delivery to pencil factory to make it on the top of pencils.

Step 5   Exclusive using bulk eraser making way is put the heating rubber mixture into sorts of shape mould, after its cooling and opening the mould, all kinds of shape erasers was made out.